2016 Ticket Refund Update

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Jammers, we are thrilled to finally bring you this great news! The insurance money has come in and we have submitted the reimbursement to all of our official ticketing partners. We’d like to offer everyone the opportunity to purchase 2017 festival tickets at the early bird prices that would have been offered at the cancelled festival. You can purchase these tickets by clicking here!

“It’s been a long journey and we just want to thank you for sticking with us. Everyone is now getting their money back, so if you bought online, you don’t need to do anything it’ll just automatically go back to your account. If you purchased at one of our partner locations or from a lodging partner, you’ll get your money back from them. We hope y’all will take advantage of the early bird tickets – this is the lowest they’ll ever be, so don’t say I didn’t warn you! Click the link above and get your 2017 tickets – you don’t want to miss the lineup we have for you!”
-Rendy Lovelady, Executive Producer.

We will be processing refunds through Eventbrite. There is no need for you to take any action, this refund will be processed automatically to everyone who purchased a ticket through Eventbrite. When you receive your refund, you will also receive a link that will allow you purchase next year’s ticket at the Early Bird rates we were going to sell at the 2016 Festival.

If the original card used for purchase has expired or been updated, the refund will still be processed through the account used to purchase. If your credit card used for purchase has been canceled or is now expired, the bank or credit card company will normally reroute the credit amount issued to the current account or card for use. If you still have concerns about a cancelled or changed card/account, please contact your former bank/card company and inform them of the situation. They should be able to assist you with ensuring that when the funds come to them, they ultimately are given to your current account. If for some reason they are unable to assist you with forwarding the funds, then Eventbrite will notify us and we will contact you immediately to deliver your refund directly.

If you purchased tickets from a Military Base or from one of our partner locations, you will need to return to that location for your refund after they have received reimbursement from us.

If you purchased a ticket from a third party outlet (i.e. stub hub or craigslist) you are not elligible for a refund from us.

We will continue to update everyone towards the end of each week on our progress. Thank you for your continued patience and support.